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2019 TRENDS Speakers


SPEAKERS: 2019 Hospitality and Tourism TRENDS Conference


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11:30 am - 12:30 pm

STR Hotel Performance Trends and Forecasts

A review of hotel industry KPIs (key performance indicators) for the US overall and New Mexico since the recession and a forecast of what lies ahead. Commentary on current events impacting the tourism industry (hurricanes/wildfires, Airbnb, international travel, politics, etc.) will also be addressed.

Chris Klauda, Director of Destination Research for STR, will discuss how travel trends and occupancy data can help decision makers in the hospitality and tourism industry optimize their operations. Over the course of this presentation, Klauda will emphasize:

 - Travel trends and occupancy data over the last 18 months and projections for what will happen heading forward
 - Key strategies and best practices for hotels to capture these trends
 - Future inventory
 - The impact of Airbnb
 - Motivators in driving consumer choice


Chris Klauda

Director of Destination Research

Smith Travel Research



Breakout Sessions

9:00 am - 10:30 am

Measuring the Economic Impact of Special Events

Special Events are major economic impact drivers for every tourism-based community in New Mexico. Events bring in outside tourism dollars and provide jobs and entertainment for local residents.  The competition for events continues to grow as so many communities add more events. It is critical to understand what is working well and what needs improvement for your local event, but it is also important to understand the impact events have on the local economy. In this session we will explore the indicators of economic impact for events and why these indicators are necessary for demonstrating the value of tourism development in your community.

Topics include:

  • Proper data gathering and survey design
  • The importance of tracking the number of attendees
  • Adequate sample size
  • Interpreting the results for actionable changes

Rachelle Howell

Managing Partner

Southwest Planning & Marketing

Chris Cordova

Partner Emeritus

Southwest Planning & Marketing


9:00 am - 10:30 am

The Competition for Talent and How Destinations Can Lead the Way

While destination marketing organizations (DMOs) and economic development organizations (EDOs) are both in the business of place marketing, for decades they’ve been speaking to different audiences – visitors vs employers. However, in the past three years there’s been a dramatic change in tide. Today more DMOs are partnering with EDOs in an effort to attract and retain talent. Research shows that more than three quarters of people cite first-hand experience as a factor in forming impressions about a place to live. With their firm understanding of consumer marketing, DMOs have the chance to lead the way in these new partnerships and reinforce their importance in helping to position and brand their community. This presentation will outline the importance of partnership between tourism and economic development when it comes to lifestyle marketing and best practices from real communities that have mastered promoting their location from all angles.

Learning Objectives:

  • Showcase findings from the study "Talent Wars: What People Look for in Jobs and Locations" and how partnering with EDOs to attract talent helps DMOs
  • Demonstrate the leadership role DMOs can play in the community marketing discussion
  • Review case studies of communities where DMOs and EDOs have successfully partnered to market their destination

Robyn Domber

Development Counsellors International

Vice President of Research


2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

New Mexico True Collaboration: Working & Growing Together

Join leaders from the New Mexico Tourism Department to hear about their renewed commitment to collaboration with our industry to grow together. From proactive tourism development initiatives to drive transformational change to ensuring nimble response to unfavorable circumstances, Team True will share the latest opportunities to work together and ensure tourism continues to thrive in your community.

Topics to include:

  • Rural Pathways
  • New Mexico True Certified
  • Cooperative Marketing Program
  • Rapid Response Initiative
  • Q&A and more!

Members of Team True

New Mexico Tourism Department


2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Discovering the Hidden Treasures within your Data through Integration, Personalization and Guest Engagement

Guest and Reservation data are a hotel’s treasure trove, but finding and acting on these ‘gems’ can be extremely challenging due to fragmented, dirty and incomplete data.

Join this workshop to participate in a discussion about strategies and solutions you can utilize, with the data you already have, to better personalize your guest service and engagement.  We will explore the industry trends of data integration and the value of personalization to drive greater Loyalty, Retention and Revenue for your hotels.


Annie Ransome


Director of Sales


General Session

3:30 pm - 4:30 pm

NMTD Meet and Greet

Join your new Tourism Secretary Jen Schroer and her entire NMTD team for a series of round table conversations that will provide a first look at the Tourism Department's shared vision for tourism development in 2019 and beyond. This will be your opportunity to meet your new Tourism Secretary and her staff, learn about their role within the department, and discover how we can collaboratively work together to promote New Mexico tourism.


Jen Schroer

New Mexico Tourism Department

Tourism Secretary



Registration is now closed.



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