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Government Affairs

Government Affairs

New Mexico Hospitality Association serves as the advocate, educator and unified voice for New Mexico's tourism industry - working to ensure its growth and success through collaborative efforts.   Each year, our industry is faced with several critical issues on both state and federal levels, which could impact visitation to our state and our members’ ability to manage a successful business.  We closely monitor all legislation connected to our industry. On a federal level, we work with our partners, American Hotel & Lodging Association as well as the US Travel Association, who represent the interests of our members on Capitol Hill.

New Mexico Hospitality Association’s Advocacy Priorities

Guiding Principles

NMHA takes positions and advocates for legislation and policy that align with 5 guiding principles:

  1. Build the tourism industry
  2. Promote the tourism industry
  3. Foster a business-friendly environment for tourism
  4. Increase opportunities for tourism development
  5. Preserve tourism resources and funding mechanisms

Positions on Key Issues

NMHA Supports:

  • A state tourism department with a cabinet position that only focuses on growing New Mexico’s tourism market share and supporting tourism-related businesses.

  • Increased state investment for the New Mexico Tourism Department that is 1) research based and 2) increases tourism promotion/advertising in fly markets and/or drive markets, which incorporates out-of-state and in-state travel.

  • Policies that provide for the commercially-viable development of tourism and capital investment, including infrastructure (roads, broadband, internet, cell service and capital investments), tax credits or similar incentives.

  • Fair and equitable contribution to lodger’s tax for all lodging establishments, including short term rental segment.

  • Preserve the integrity and intent of the lodger’s tax statute to grow tourism in New Mexico, including a modification of the lodger’s tax statute to eliminate ambiguity.

  • The evaluation of the entire liquor license code for recommendations to create a fair, equitable and responsible solution, without a disproportionate burden to those already owning liquor licenses.  

NMHA Opposes:

  •  Anything that is detrimental to the hospitality industry as a whole.

2017 Legislative Session

The 2017 Legislative Session will feature several policy issues of great concern to NMHA and the hospitality and tourism industry. Below is a list of the Bills, Memorials and Resolutions currently active in the legislative process we are tracking:

House Bill 266 - Short-Term Rental Occupancy Tax - For details, click here.

Senate Bill 254 - Short-Term Rental Occupancy Tax - For details, click here.

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