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Hall of Fame

We love to recognize excellence throughout the State of New Mexico.  The New Mexico Tourism Hall of Fame is celebrated and recognized every year at the Governor’s Conference on Hospitality and Tourism. This is the highest honor for the state's most distinguished tourism industry leaders.  

New Mexico Tourism Hall of Fame Inductees    

1997 Inductees - Inaugural Year
Ben Abruzzo, Ernie Blake, Rex Borough, Joseph A. Bursey, David Candelaria, Fabian Chavez, Mary Kay Cline, Francis Durkin, Fred Harvey,  Bill Kouri, Myra McCormick, Eddie Smithson, Jack White Jr., Louis Whitlock

1998 Inductees
Buzz Bainbridge, the Bowlin Family, J. Michael Cerletti, F. Robert Dodson, Conrad N. Hilton, Lillian Redman

1999 Inductees
Sid Cutter, Bettie Ditto, Ralph Edwards, Bruce King, Mike Pitel, Tom Rutherford, Jim White

2000 Inductees
Florence Jaramillo, Robert J. Nordhaus, Rose Marie Packard, Ray Reed, Judi Snow

2001 Inductees
Robert O. Anderson, Elliott Speer Barker, Smokey Bear, Becky Walling

2002 Inductees
Wally Dobbs, Walter Haut, Congressman Joe Skeen

2003 Inductees
Ken and Louise Blair, Buddy Ritter, Tony Hillerman, Jackie Spencer Morgan

2004 Inductees
Janet L. Green, J Christopher Stagg, Terry Bullock, Ed Jungbluth 

2005 Inductees
Eddie Dry, Virginia Vigil and Harald Mueller

2006 Inductees
Deborah J. Owen, Mary Tenorio
Billy the Kid and Sheriff Pat Garrett into the Hall of Legends
Move Smokey Bear into Hall of Legends

2007 – no inductees since did 20th anniv. banquet at ’07 Gov Conf and 
saved Hall of Fame for new spring timeframe for ’08 conference

2008 Inductees - Randy Randall, Zozobra, Keith LeMay

2009 Inductees - Al Lucero, Drew Judycki, Cathy Gonzales

2010 Inductees - Rick & Debbie Johnson, David Santiallanes

2011 Inductees - John Garcia & Scott Appelman

2012 Inductees - Robert Mirabal

2013 Inductees - Ron Solimon, Elise Rogers, George Brooks

2014 Inductees – Brad Cooper, Tim Dowling & Kenneth Broad

2015 Inductees – Janet Webb and William Samuel (Sam) Pick

2016 Inductees – Calvin Tafoya and Barbara "Mother" Hubbard

2017 Inductees - Dave Hayduk and Charlie Gray

2018 Inductees - Jill Lane and Dr. Priscilla Bloomquist



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