Meet your Board Member: Steven Rose

Posted by:Cody

At the 2019 NMHA Annual Meeting, we installed our three newest members to the Board of Directors. We wanted to introduce our newest Board Members through this 3-part series so you can learn a little bit more about the industry professionals that serve on the Board and help dictate the vision and direction for the New Mexico Hospitality Association. Today we meet Steven Rose, Director of Residential Planning for Taos Ski Valley, who occupies a tourism seat on the Board of Directors. 


Provide a brief overview of your current role.

"As part of the renaissance and revitalization of Taos Ski Valley, Inc., we are launching our first venture into Real Estate development and sales.  As Director of Residential Planning, I am responsible for working with a team of professionals to create the required structure, documents and agreements that we need in place in order to support these nascent Real Estate operations.  This includes everything from the creation of the Condominium to the Homeowner’s Association and includes the governing documents, budgets, rules and regulations, etc. as well as Rental Management and Property Management agreements."  

What was your first job in the profession of hospitality and tourism?

"I think I started making sandwiches at a sandwich shop when I was 14 or 15 years old.  I worked in restaurants through school and as I pursued my first career in the theatre.  My first “real professional” job was as a restaurant manager at The Brown Palace Hotel in Denver in the late 1980’s, where I met my mentor and began my hospitality career in earnest."

Why do you enjoy working in the hospitality and tourism industry?

"There is a word in Hawaiian, hookipa, which is the essence of the Hawaiian Hospitality.  It relates to the triangular connection between a host and a visitor in a particular place.  It is that connection that not only brings people together but that connect people and special places.  Those connections not only build relationships but also create better understanding and awareness of our environment and surroundings as well as the cultural roots that ground and inform people.  So it’s about the people: the employees, the visitors, the locals.  And it is also about the places that are so special."

What is your favorite travel memory in or around New Mexico?

"Since arriving in Taos in 2014 to begin to work on developing, building and opening The Blake at Taos Ski Valley, I’ve been learning about the many and unique cultures that have come together here in New Mexico and have shaped its history.  It is the exploration of all of those cultures, through books and personal visitation, that have created the best memories for me."  

What are you looking to accomplish during your tenure on the NMHA Board?

"I am simply hoping to help the Association achieve its goal to become the leading voice of the industry in the state and to help grow visitation to the state overall."

What could we be doing as an industry and an association to preserve and strengthen tourism?

"I think it’s very exciting to have the new administration in place and to have a Secretary of Tourism who knows the industry and the state so well.  I believe their agenda and objectives will help preserve and strengthen the industry overall and help us grow."