New Mexico Tourism And Lodging Associations Unite To Form Powerful Advocate For Economic Prosperity

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ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO December 01, 2014 – The New Mexico Lodging Association and The Tourism Association Of New Mexico have united to form The New Mexico Hospitality Association. The merger is the result of a major increase in media coverage and tourism in the state and the opportunity to harness and direct powerful economic strengths by uniting all segments of the industry.

“New Mexico is a world class destination—a legendary place to experience truly genuine adventure and culture all at once“, said Richard Holcomb, Chairman Of The Board. “The Hospitality Association is a bridge that will lead our state from the current resurgence in tourism to a fulfillment of our vast potential to create jobs, attract talent, build wealth, and sustain a long-term economic renaissance.”

Hospitality is the wide range of occupations, attractions and businesses that create visitor experience and shape New Mexico as a premiere destination. The new association is now the leading public policy advocate for New Mexico hospitality and will execute its mission through three key focal points:

  1. Public Policy
    Workforce Development Strategies, Fair Regulatory Enforcement, State Industry Funding
  2.  Professional Development

Hospitality And Tourism TRENDS Conference
 Jan 8th & 9th 2015 — Evolving Political & Economic Landscapes, Advancements In The Conference & Meeting Industry, Marketing & PR

Governor’s Conference
April 27th, 28th & 29th 2015 — The State Of The Hospitality Industry, workshops on Increasing Revenue, Enhancing Public/Private Partnerships, Marketing Strategy, and leveraging the increasingly valuable New Mexico True brand

  1. Networking
    Autumn Hospitality Awards Ceremony to inspire and celebrate excellence, Board Meetings open to all members, Regional Hospitality Socials

Hospitality and tourism have always been integral to New Mexico prosperity. Numbers from the past four years tell the story:

  • State tourism generated $1.3 billion in taxes in 2012, with $612 million accruing to state and local governments
  • The Leisure & Hospitality sector created 4,900 new jobs for a total of 88,600
  • Visitation is up eight percent while visitor spending is up 24.3 percent
  • Tourism offsets the average New Mexico household tax burden by over $800 annually
  • New Mexico True campaign impacted trips are up over 37.5 percent—three times the U.S. average—and the campaign is delivering a 3:1 return on investment at the tax base level
  • 2012 and 2013 were back to back record breaking years

*State Of New Mexico Tourism Department

Even with this recent success, New Mexico state spending is only about half that of neighboring competitive states. The Hospitality Association mission is to transform the clear implication of this fact into action steps in public policy and the private sector.

Now that the state’s premier industry has a unified voice and agenda, hospitality is best positioned to produce a brighter economic future for all New Mexico residents.

The New Mexico Hospitality Association delivers decades of combined experience to lead public policy and workforce development strategy for a more prosperous economy. Tourism & hospitality is the state’s premier industry and contributed $1.3 billion in state taxes in 2012, brought in 32.2 million visitors in 2013, and generated over 88,600 jobs. The association represents member interests at the state and national level, cultivates professional development, and targets opportunity to incubate and foster long-term job and wealth creation statewide. Please visit and call 505.563.5660.