Social Media Takeover

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Social Media Takeover

ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO (January 24, 2015) – The New Mexico Hospitality Association has launched a social media takeover #VoteNewMexicoTRUE. January 27th 8am-5pm, the entire hospitality industry across the State of New Mexico will post, tweet, update, share, poke and pin to support the New Mexico Tourism Department's request for a marketing budget increase! 

“#VoteNewMexicoTRUE is an exciting campaign where the digital world collides with reality.  It is an opportunity to show the power of increasing the New Mexico Tourism Department's marketing budget and how tourism is an economic engine,” said Jen Schroer, President & CEO.  “We need a larger marketing budget to be competitive with our neighboring states to fulfill of our vast potential to create jobs, attract talent, build wealth, and sustain a long-term economic renaissance.”

Not everyone can make the trip to Santa Fe for our Hospitality Huddle at La Fonda on the Plaza, January 27th at 10AM.  So, the industry will unite through social media posting tourism truths every hour on the hour.  Hospitality and tourism have always been integral to New Mexico prosperity. Numbers from the past four years tell the story:

  • Staying competitive is so important to keep visitors coming to New Mexico.  We spend less than our competitor states! (State spend: NM $8.6M, Utah $12M, Colorado $13.3M, AZ $14.4M) 
  • More people are coming to New Mexico! Total visitation increased from 29.8M to 32.2M; an increase of 2.4M or +8%.  
  • Tourists are spending more in New Mexico: Total Reported Visitor Spending increased from $3.7B to $4.6B; an increase of $900M or +24.3%. 
  • New Mexico tourism is a $6 Billion industry generating over $600 million in state and local tax revenue (annually)! 
  • The New Mexico True Campaign delivers a 3:1 ROI at the tax base level.
  • Overnight Marketable Trips have increased from 5.6M to 7.7M or +37.5% (3x U.S. avg.).

*State Of New Mexico Tourism Department

Even with this recent success, New Mexico state spending is only about half that of neighboring competitive states. The Hospitality Association mission is to transform the clear implication of this fact into action steps in public policy and the private sector.

The New Mexico Hospitality Association delivers decades of combined experience to lead public policy and workforce development strategy for a more prosperous economy. Tourism & hospitality is the state’s premier industry and contributed $1.3 billion in state taxes in 2012, brought in 32.2 million visitors in 2013, and generated over 88,600 jobs. The association represents member interests at the state and national level, cultivates professional development, and targets opportunity to incubate and foster long-term job and wealth creation statewide. Please visit and call 505.563.5660.