2018 Top Hat Finalist Spotlight – Christina Martinez

2018 Back of House – Food and Beverage Finalist

Christina Martinez

El Monte Sagrado

What was your first job in the hospitality/tourism industry?
Cleaning and cooking at Los Copanas.

Who has helped/mentored you throughout your career?
My Grandmother Leila and Mother Agnes, Also Pat and Terry Keene.

What has been the highlight of your career?
Working at El Monte Sagrado.

Red or Green?

What is one suggestion or piece of advice you would share with young people entering the hospitality/tourism business?
Work as hard as you can and always do the best you can, people will notice, never give up, never become complacent.

What is your favorite New Mexico travel experience?
Going to santa fe on the train in the fall, staying at eldorado, hanging out downtown.

What is your favorite quote or piece of inspiration?
Travel changes you, as you move though this life, and this world, you change things slightly, you leave marks, behind, however small, and in return, life, and travel leaves marks on you. Most of the time those marks on your body or on your heart are beautiful often, though they hurt.

What does being a finalist for the Top HAT Awards mean to you?
It’s an amazing honor I could not be more thrilled. Thank you.

Stay tuned for more Finalist Spotlights as we get closer to the 2018 New Mexico True Top HAT Awards Gala on November 8th!