Thank you for making a difference! New Mexico Hospitality Association committees meet 2-4 times per year (unless otherwise agreed upon). Participation via conference call is available for participants. We understand your time is valuable and we will make the most of your volunteer commitment.

Executive Committee

The role of the Executive Committee is to act on behalf of the board during the interim times between board meetings. This committee is comprised of the board chair and the other board officers.

Finance Committee

The purpose of the Finance and Audit Committee is to provide independent and skilled guidance to the Board of Directors in fulfilling its responsibility to ensure the fairness and accuracy of the association’s financial statements, the existence of appropriate internal financial controls, and the independence of the public accounting firm to produce accurate financial information

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee works with NMHA staff to develop, produce and distribute key messaging content for the Association.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee works with the association’s team to increase and retain membership as well as enhance, review, and develop membership programs and events (conferences, educational events, recognition events, etc.). The committee also establishes and reviews opportunities for member benefits and corporate partner program.

Government Affairs Committee

The Government Affairs Committee works with the association’s lobbyist and staff to monitor, amend, initiate or oppose council or legislative action, regulatory rulings and other activity at local, state or national level.