New Mexico Hospitality Association is a nonprofit (501c6) that is focused on serving its members and all segments of the hospitality industry. The association delivers decades of combined experience to lead public policy and workforce development strategy for a more prosperous economy. Tourism & hospitality is one of the state’s strongest private industries. In 2017, the hospitality and tourism industry contributed $662 million in state and local tax revenue. Tourism had its largest economic impact in state history in 2017, injecting $6.6 billion into New Mexico’s economy and supporting nearly 94,000 jobs. The association represents member interests at the state and national level, cultivates professional development, and targets opportunity to incubate and foster long-term job and wealth creation statewide. The association’s members are true investors and are playing a crucial role in growing tourism and New Mexico’s economy.


Our mission is to make New Mexico Hospitality Association the unified voice to influence and inspire a growing hospitality industry in New Mexico.


The association’s vision is to become the #1 resource for New Mexico’s hospitality industry.