2018 Top Hat Finalist Spotlight – Comfort Suites, Gallup

2018 Premiere – Limited Service Hotel of the Year Finalist

Comfort Suites, Gallup

What is your favorite part about the company?
Getting the honor of visiting with our guest in the evenings and again in the morning and hearing how much they enjoyed their stay and how much they appreciate our lobby Museum. Also just being such an important part of our community. Everyone in Gallup looks to us to “take the lead and to set the standards for how a business is supposed to be ran”

If you work for the company, what is the best part about working there?
Just being a part of this team and standard we have created here. It’s very special and you can feel it when you are here. There is something very different about our Hotel and how we do things here that are very hard to describe, but again when you are here you feel it

What makes this organization stand out from the rest?
It’s just the way we do things. Good example of this happened last year when another manager from one of the other hotels in Gallup had come by to look at our lobby Museum. He stated that he was going to do the same thing at his Hotel and put up pictures of veterans and military displays. I told him to go ahead but keep this in mind. Our lobby museum are not just pictures on the walls or displays in the lobby to get people to stay here. Each and everyone of our items on display has a very special and unique story behind them and these stories come from the heart and from the people who donated them. I am a very proud veteran and very proud of what we have created here. It’s not something that can just be duplicated by putting up some pictures. I love my job and our guest who stay here

Stay tuned for more Finalist Spotlights as we get closer to the 2018 New Mexico True Top HAT Awards Gala on November 8th!