2018 Top Hat Finalist Spotlight – National Governor’s Association Summer Meeting

2018 Product Development – Outstanding Event Finalist

Kesselman Jones, Inc.

What is your favorite part about the event/attraction/experience?
During our second event of the meeting, the burning of Tio Coco, every guest had their phone in the air, catching every second of the festivities. The look on people’s faces as soon as the lights went up was one of glee, amazement and delight. Mouths were literally hanging open. We created an event were attendees were left absolutely speechless – that is until they went home and told everyone about the amazing experience they had in New Mexico.

What does being a finalist mean to you?
One organization’s name had to be put on the application, but it was an impressive effort by a group of people whose passion for our state was only matched by their hard work to create a truly memorable experience for our guests. Due to the nature of the event, much had to be done under the radar. This recognition has given us an opportunity to share with those outside of the event the experiences we created to showcase our state.

Stay tuned for more Finalist Spotlights as we get closer to the 2018 New Mexico True Top HAT Awards Gala on November 8th!