Tips for Highlighting Your Hotel’s Culinary Experience

Written by Matthew Mora

There are so many aspects that make a hotel culinary experience amazing for guests. Some aspects are incredibly obvious, and there are not so obvious aspects for highlighting your hotel’s dining experience. Here are a few not-so-obvious tips for communicating the unique aspects of your restaurant. These tips go beyond just the quality or the wait-staff, and the quality of food.

Sell the atmosphere
It seems like common sense to sell the outstanding service of your Hotel’s restaurant in order to draw in folks to your restaurant. However, highlighting the atmosphere offered with the dining experience is something that can be used to draw in the crowds of guests, or non-guests, to dine at the hotel. If your hotel is themed, or showcases a rich cultural experience, make sure that translates directly into your culinary experience. This goes beyond just décor consider – food, art, and in some cases — performances as part of the experience. Always bring these up in any marketing promotions that mentions your restaurant or bar.

Promotional Discounts offered at booking, check-in, or at check-out
Promotional discounts offered at these stages that the guest go through are vital pin-points to offer incentives to indulge in your hotel’s restaurant or bar. You can offer these to premium guests, or you can offer them to first-timers at your hotel. Even highlight a specific event to offer guests the discounts on dinner or drinks would get people excited about attending. Included with the discounts, you will need to highlight the benefits of taking advantage of this promotion. Utilize your front-desk clerks to communicate this to your guests throughout guests stay at your hotel. Word-of-mouth marketing is always the most effective ensure your front-desk clerks mention the dining experience they will receive if they take advantage of this promotion.

Photography – PRINT IS NOT DEAD!
Contradiction to popular belief, especially in today’s world – print is NOT dead! A spread of your culinary experience including: food, art, décor, and entertainment options are available to visually communicate what you offer as a dining establishment. This means having professional photographs of your culinary experience to distribute in the form of mail, email marketing, or showcasing on billboards is something that can be done in order to create more appeal to your hotel’s restaurant. Showcasing your culinary experience must present something tangible, in addition to being able to visually communicate what the guest will be getting, and why it’s worth it.